Shoot Up The Slots in Girls With Guns Frozen Dawn!

RatingMin. Bet:0.30Reels5 x 3 Free Spins:YesBonus Feature:Shootout Bonus PLAY GIRLS WITH GUNS NOW This sexy new slot in the popular ‘Girls with Guns’ series is proudly brought to you by Microgaming after the success of its predecessor, Jungle Heat! Help the trigger-happy femme fatales Katherine, Maria, Kira, Alex, Zoe and Jess stop the evil Saskia from … Read more

Play the World Cup in style with Microgaming’s Football Star slot

RatingMin. Bet:0.50Reels5 x 3 Free Spins:YesBonus Feature:Striking Wild BonusMay is traditionally the end of the football season, but with the World Cup this summer, not to mention the fantastic new Football Star slot from Microgaming hitting casinos, it promises to be an exciting month for fans of the beautiful game.Microgaming’s new slot offers players the chance … Read more

Will the new Cool Wolf slot have you howling with delight in May?

RatingMin. Bet:0.50Reels5 x 3 Free Spins:YesBonus Feature:Howling Wild BonusIf there’s one thing worse than being a geeky teenager, it’s being a geeky teenager with a secret and a beastly alter-ego! In the brand new Cool Wolf slot from Microgaming, released this May, you’ll get a chance to win big and have a howl at the moon!The … Read more

Help Save Humanity from the Machine Menace in Terminator 2!

RatingMin. Bet:0.30Reels5 x 3 Free Spins:YesBonus Feature:T-800 Vision Mode PLAY TERMINATOR II NOW Arnie returns with a blast in this brand new slot from Microgaming! Cleverly designed with animations, movie clips, 3D graphics and excellent sound quality, players are kept on their toes in this popular 5-reel, 243 ways to win slot. There are numerous features, … Read more

Party Under The Sea With The Fabulous Fish Party!

RatingMin. Bet:0.30Reels5 x 3 Free Spins:YesBonus Feature:Super Stacked BonusThere’s something fishy at Microgaming casinos as players are discovering when they load up and play the excellent, aquatic-themed Fish Party slot.This is a 5-reel, 243-ways to win slot which boasts fabulous graphics and a catchy soundtrack features a host of cartoon-styled sea creatures including several different types … Read more

Robojack Slot Won’t Exterminate Your Bankroll!

PLAY ROBOJACK NOW We’ve come across some popular robots over time. R2D2, C3P0, Wall-E and Johnny 5 from the Short Circuit series of films have all warmed our Kiwi hearts and now Robojack is here to take you into a robotic slot nirvana.Robojack is a 243-ways-to-win slot which features 5-reels, with the usual playing card … Read more

Why The Slot That’s Jurassic Is An Instant Classic!

RatingMin. Bet:0.30Reels5 x 3 Free Spins:YesBonus Feature:T-Rex Alert Mode PLAY JURASSIC NOW We’ve got our fair share of scary creatures in NZ, but nothing akin to what once roamed the Earth many millions of years ago. In the 1990’s Steven Spielberg’s classic Jurassic Park gave us a spectacular glimpse of how dinosaurs and humans may co-exist … Read more

So Many Monsters Proves To Be A Roaring Slot Success

RatingMin. Bet:0.30Reels5 x 3 Free Spins:YesBonus Feature:Many More Monsters FeatureWhen Microgaming released its So Much/So Many trio of slots, people didn’t really know what to expect, but what they have found is a choice of slots that put an exciting twist into the traditional slot genre.One of those games is So Many Monsters and as you … Read more

So Much Candy Hits The Sweet Slot Spot

RatingMin. Bet:0.50Reels5 x 3 Free Spins:YesBonus Feature:Much More Candy FeatureWho doesn’t love sweeties and if you decide to one of New Zealand’s hottest slot, then you’ll have more delicious treats than you could shake a stick at thanks to Microgaming’s popular So Much Candy Slot.Part of a series of three slots, including So Much Sushi and … Read more

So Much Sushi Serves Up A Feast For New Zealand Slot Fans

RatingMin. Bet:0.50Reels5 x 3 Free Spins:YesBonus Feature:Much More Sushi FeatureWe really like it when a developer comes up with an idea which can take a seemingly run-of-the-mill slot and turn it into something new and Microgaming’s exciting trio of slots highlights this perfectly and in this review, we’ll take a look at a game that’s been … Read more